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   Analytics financial market and rusche
Macroeconomic and financial indicators are inextricably linked and have a strong impact on currency trading. As you know, the international financial market of Forex is subject to strong volatility and constant fluctuations of currency quotes, serving as the main tool for trading, arise from the appearance of new financial news, geopolitical events and the publication of fundamental statistical reports. At the same time, the greatest impact on the Forex currency market is the appearance of economic news, as evidenced by the examples below.

Monetary policy
Immediately reflected in currency quotes published data on the monetary policy of the central banks of the leading countries. And in the case if the news shows unexpected comments about possible changes in the discount rate, or if this rate suddenly begins to change, the currency ... Read more »

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    Analytics on bisnestrade1
Interest in risk returned to the markets amid the retreat of the threat of a trade war. Despite the fact that Trump remains adamant and the White House recently confirmed that there will be no exceptions to the new tariffs, investors hope that the Republicans will be able to persuade the president to change his position and not take such an aggressive step. On this wave, the US stock exchanges on the eve of completely won back the losses incurred after the announcement of the plan for the introduction of import duties. The three leading indexes - S & P, Nasdaq and Dow Jones - have gained weight by more than 1%, setting a positive tone for their colleagues from Asia. The Japanese Nikkei grew by 2.3%, rebounding from the 5-month low reached yesterday. The Australian and Korean stocks also recovered well, gaining 1.3%. In the Asian region, interest in risk has also been revived by comm ... Read more »

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     Forex Analytics at bisnestrade club

At the end of Friday trading, US indices recovered, but suffered the maximum since the beginning of February, weekly losses. Over the weekend, nothing happened that could dispel or at least weaken the concerns of world investors about the trade war. Trump still firmly intends to introduce duties, and his trading partners - to repay the same coin. Moreover, the list of risk factors has been supplemented by political uncertainty in Europe. While in Germany, Merkel still managed to find a way to form a large coalition, Italy appears to be confronted with a "hanging parliament". However, many expected such an outcome, and therefore the preliminary results of the vote did not exert strong pressure on the euro.

Asian stock markets continue negative dynamics. Nikkei, which fell by 2.5% on F ... Read more »

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   Forecast Forex market by February 21st
In the near future the market will shift its attention to releases of economic statistics, says Irina Rogova, an analyst at the Forex Club.
Although next week will be two Fed representatives: Bullard and Lockhart. In their comments, the market will try to find answers to whether to wait for the acceleration of the rates of curtailment of quantitative stimulation measures.
Despite the lack of significant news from the US at the beginning of the week, USD / JPY may receive catalysts for movements, as data will be published on the pace of growth of the Japanese economy, as well as a meeting of the Bank of Japan on monetary policy (Tuesday, February 18). Any hints that the regulator will maintain ultra-soft policies can help restore the growth of the pair to the area of ​​the highs last week (102.70). And on Wednesday the minutes of the last meeting of the Fe ... Read more »

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Moy forex dregople

Broker «FreshForex» Forex there are more than 10 years. During this time the company managed to gain credibility among traders of all levels, from beginners to professionals. The desire to provide customers with only the best and willingness to change - that helps FreshForex remain a leader in its field.

The company «Fresh Forex» is guided in its work by four main principles that reflect its essence, and believe that thousands of its customers.

The first principle is as simple: the main thing - is trade. The company strives to create all conditions so that customers can trade with ease and pleasure, without thinking abo ... Read more »

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Binary oocion forex koldexe

Admiral Markets - an international group of companies providing services of Internet trading in the market Forex, CFD on stocks, indices, futures, metals and raw materials. Brand Admiral Markets was established in 2001 and is now represented in 40 countries. To date, Admiral Markets serves more than 20,000 active clients and has a monthly turnover of over 45 billion. US dollars.

LLC "Admiral Markets Ukraine" - work for clients wishing to trade in the Ukrainian legal field. The company offers a unique opportunity to open accounts and the input and output of funds in national currency - the hryvnia.

Admiral Markets AS (EU) - the company licensed the Estonian Financial Inspectorate (EFSA) and the requirements of Directive «O markets in financial instruments» ... Read more »

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Noveno forex derfoc

Company AL Trade Inc. is a leading trading company that offers anytime access to major financial markets around the world, using the latest available technology. Company AL Trade Inc. offers corporate and private clients to trade financial market using trading system AL Trade 4.00 in real time. This is one of the most innovative trading platforms of new generation which includes both modern system of technical analysis and trading terminal, operating in real time.

Forex - the largest financial market in the world foreign exchange market Forex or FX is the largest financial market in the world with a daily average turnover of over $ 1 trillion, which is 30 times more than the total volume of all US equity markets. Market Forex - is the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling another. Currency Trading carried out in pairs, ... Read more »

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klif daforet forex

The purpose of AccentForex: create the most favorable environment in which you will be able to realize their intellectual and financial opportunities to maximize profits in the financial markets. Reputation teams AccentForex - one of the most valuable capital, the broker will do everything to your satisfaction the high quality of service, efficiency of work, ease of operation and accuracy in all that relates The team AccentForex - always taking into account the wishes and demands of customers, trying to be as close to their partners and customers. In an effort to predict the needs of traders and partners, the company is building long-term and mutually beneficial relations in fynasovoho treydinha.Tipy accounts: 1. Micro
narrow fixed spread from 2 points
Minimum deposit $ 10 Maximum deposit $ 1000
minimal lot 0.01
maximum lot 5
e ... Read more »

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