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A further warning to investors, technical analysts from the financial institution, HSBC, said the danger of a sharp depreciation of the US indices is "very high at the moment".

The warning is in line with that of the summer of last year, made by the British financial institution.

"The likelihood of a sharp drop in indices is very high at the moment," according to the bank's technical analysts, in a letter to its clients.

According to financial experts, there is a great similarity between technical figures of the US indices currently and those just before the "black Monday" of 1987.

The same analysts have emphasized US asset sales since February that are e ... Read more »

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  As a guru of the Forex industry read the quotes of currencies

Profitable trading depends on the trader's ability to respond quickly to trend movement
Profitable trading depends on the trader's ability to respond quickly to trend movement

Banks and large brokers conduct daily n-th number of transactions through Forex. It is for this reason that currency quotes are characterized by rapid dynamics, as they are updated almost without stopping. Despite the fact that the average trader has almost no influence on the movement of prices, the ability to read and analyze the quotation table will allow the investor to control the flow, rather than submissively go with the flow.

Profitable trading depends on the ability of the trader to respond quickly to the movement of the trend, waiting for t ... Read more »

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In the Forex market, all private traders are engaged in one thing - profit from the movements of exchange rates. But all people are different, therefore, depending on personal qualities, everyone chooses exactly the style of trade that is closest to him. To whom it is preferable to work daily, another is more approached by cautious trade with a small frequency of transactions. This can be understood only in the course of practical activity, but it does not prevent to know in advance what features different styles and methods of trade have. The most discussed of them is intraday trading (intraday, daytrading).

The main parameter of the trading style is the time for holding the deal. Methods for determining the entry point to a position may be the same or slightly differe ... Read more »

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The "Accelerated Awesome" system is intended for trading in the Forex market and is based on the principle of following a trend. This is a very reliable system, and it has the potential to ensure a good profit, provided that the rules, discipline and patience are observed. The "Accelerated Awesome" system is easy to understand and looks nice on the screen. This system can be used by both beginners and experienced traders. Any timeframe above 5 minutes works well in this system. For trading you can use any currency pair. Trade security will be provided by regulated brokers.

In this trading system, the main signal is generated in the main chart window, and is confirmed by the indicators that are located at the bottom.

The &quo ... Read more »

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The "BreakthroughFormula" system is designed for trading in the Forex market and is based on two factors of price behavior. The first factor is the direction of motion, and the second is the wave structure of the motion. The system is very simple and at the same time very strong. It was tested for a long time and proved its profitability even in unfavorable market conditions. Even quite inexperienced traders can use this system, but professionals work with it.

The "BreakthroughFormula" system is very versatile. It can be used for intraday trading on charts from 15 minutes to an hour or for medium-term trading on four-hour and daily charts. The choice of financial instruments is also very wide. All markets have a wave structure, so with the "BreakthroughFormula&q ... Read more »

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  Forex Training
That's why investors have a bad opinion about the markets!
We have many times said that returns are critical to achieving your long-term goals, and stock market investments are inevitable in that direction.

Why, however, when talking about stock markets in investors remains some bitter taste, especially in the mass investor?

Several are the main reasons for this ...

In the first fifteen years, young investors have witnessed two collapses in the global stock markets, which is quite unusual for such a short period.

After the "bubble of the technology bubble" in 2000, only eight years later we witnessed a global financial crisis that was comparable to that of the Great Depression of 1933.

... Read more »

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  Forex review. The weakening of the US dollar

Trades last week remained influenced primarily by the events surrounding the decision of D. Trump to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran, which again caused tension in the Middle East.

On this wave, quotes of "black gold" have jumped in the growth, pulling for themselves the exchange rates of commodity currencies, including the Russian ruble. The escalation of tension around Iran threatens to turn into a large-scale conflict and the resumption of Iran's work on the creation of nuclear weapons. Despite the fact that on Friday, oil prices and commodity exchange rates have corrected the probability of continuing their further growth, remains extremely high. Negative for oil quotations was not only the absence of news on Iran, but the release of data on the number of operating ... Read more »

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  The main events of tomorrow

Tuesday will be very informative day of the week. At 01:30 GMT, the protocol of the last RBA meeting dedicated to monetary policy issues will be published in Australia. The protocol contains a detailed description of the situation in the economy, the financial sector, the global economy, examines the employment situation, lending and inflation, which provides an in-depth understanding of the conditions that affected the RBA decision. The minutes are published two weeks after the meeting itself, following which a brief statement of the Central Bank is given.

At 02:00 GMT, China will report a change in the volume of industrial production, investment in fixed assets, and the volume of retail trade for April. It is expected that industrial production grew by 6.3% per annum, fixed asset investments increased by 7.4%, a ... Read more »

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     Financial and commodity markets

Dukascopy Bank
Swiss bank Dukascopy Bank SA took advantage of the innovations of the local service for the supervision of financial markets, concerning the opening of bank accounts. To participants of the Forex market is available a unique ECN-site Swiss Forex Marketplace (SWFX) for trading in currencies, metals and trading instruments CFD. There are no problems with liquidity, withdrawal of funds from the deposit, requotes and slips, and traders orders are brought to the market in milliseconds.


After FINMA reforms, it became possible to open an account with Dukascopy Bank in just an hour. The bank uses video-identification of clients, for this you need to download the application Dukascopy Connect. The chat uses 11 languages. The account can be replenished in any convenient w ... Read more »

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   Before the opening of US stock markets: futures on the  premarket show a slight increase
Before the opening of the market, the S & P futures are at the level of 2.758.00 (+ 0.15%), the NASDAQ futures rose 0.09% to the level of 7,064.00. The external background is positive. The main stock indexes of Asia finished the session mostly in positive territory. The main European stock indexes are currently showing positive dynamics.

Futures for the major US stock indexes in the premarket show a slight increase, as fears that President Donald Trump's decision to introduce new tariffs on the import of a number of Chinese goods may turn into a global trade war, continue to put pressure on the market.

Recall, the day before there were reports that Trump intends to strike at China by introducing significant tariffs and investment ... Read more »

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